Environment Education to school children

Environment Education

To School Children

We believe that instilling a love and respect for the earth is the way to begin a child’s environmental education. How else will they have a reason to care what happens to the earth? They should be shown how everything is interconnected and that nothing works on its own. Poison in the water will eventually make the animals and humans sick. Pollution in the air will eventually end up in our lungs and on our vegetables. One cycle feeds into the next and so on.


Highlighting the positives, referring to the negatives, while encouraging awareness, lifestyle changes and providing options and solutions. Children are very inquisitive, quick to learn and keen when allowed to participate in investigating issues, finding alternatives and promoting their futures.


We are working with school children and providing training to school teachers for carrying out environment education activity effectively. We have worked with more than 5,000 students of rural areas at different level of environment education and also involved them in at different level of environment protection in their villages. We have published booklets, audio cassettes, and monthly magazines.