Community Based Coastal

Resources Management

Gujarat has the longest coastline of 1600 km and a large portion of its population largely depends on coastal agriculture in deltaic regions and marine fisheries for its livelihood. While other economic activities are industry, mining, tourism and shipping. Coastal areas are enriched by diverse ecosystems like mangroves, beaches, dunes, lagoons and estuaries. Efforts are required to develop a policy towards optimum utilization of coastal resources. Alternate employment opportunities need to be generated for coastal population.


This unique zone requires special resources management strategies and planning models. Conflicting land uses in the coastal areas, over exploitation of coastal resources and depletion of bio-diversity are the major problems created by human activities. On the other hand, in certain cases such as seaweed mariculture, coastal resources are underutilized.


Looking at this scenario PVK has been working on developing an understanding of the issues faced by Gujarat’s coastal environment and coastal community. Since, 2003 PVK is working in the coastal region of Saurashtra. We are focussing on issues like:


  • Fisheries Management,
  • Preventing pollution and exploitation of marine resources


To attend these issues we are working with coastal communities i.e. fishermen, farmers and salt-pan workers. Our main activities are:


  • Training and awareness building in the coastal communities.
  • Plantation of mangrove
  • Soil and water conservation
  • Training of fishing community in fish quality management and fisheries resources management.
  • Developing linkages and partnerships with concerned government departments to enhance the development of coastal communities.