Vikas Kendra(PVK)

PVK  is a non-profit, non-governmental committed organization working nationwide for the protection of the environment, the rights of the people to clean and fresh water and air, the promotion of sustainable development, and the protection of the cultural heritage of India.

Birla report

Report 2012-2013

Report 2003-2004

Report 2010-2011

GPCB 2012

Report 2013-2014

For People. For Nature

    • Employment generation and skill development
    • Clean environment

  • Basic needs fulfilment



New Farmers





Ficus tree

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Chilli Peppers

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PVK’s primary objective is to improve public awareness and understanding of the environment with a view to promoting the conservation and sustainable use of nature and natural resources, leading to a better environment and a better quality of life. To this end, PVK develops innovative programmes and educational material, and builds capacity in the field of education for sustainable development (ESD).

Contact us

Shree Chamunda Krupa,

Opp. Radhika Dairy,

Somnath-2, 150 feet ring road,

Rajkot-5. Gujarat.

Trust Redg. No.F/4701/Amdavad.

Society Redg.No: Guj/4847/Amdavad.


“Paryavaraniya Vikas Kendra” performs all such acts that may assist in or be conducive to fostering environmental education, protection and security”.

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